College of Idaho Wilderness First Responder

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The College of Idaho, located in Caldwell, ID, is hosting a Hybrid Wilderness First Responder Course on March 21-25, 2020. This course requires home study and full completion of online tests BEFORE attending the practical session.

Note: 2 credits are available through the College of Idaho students at no extra charge. Non-COI students may also obtain credit with an additional fee. Contact course sponsor for details.

Please read the blog article 
Is a hybrid course in wilderness medicine right for you? before registering for this course.​


Student downloads

​These downloads contain important information to help you prepare for your course. Use the course syllabus as a guideline for making your travel and study plans; note that topics and times may change subject to local weather conditions. Remember you must be present and engaged for the entire course or practical session to be eligible for certification. Be prepared. Thoroughly read the student handbook as it provides detailed information about expectations—yours and ours—what to bring, wear, and how to study. Please contact our office with any questions.


The practical session for this hybrid course is held on campus through the College’s outdoor program. The area offers many unique spots on, and within a short distance from campus that feature wild elements, such as water, rocky terrain, open ground and wooded areas to help enhance the hands-on simulations.

Nearest Airport: Boise (BOI)

Lodging: Available in Caldwell

Please contact us with any questions